Suzanne Derengowski
Suzanne Derengowski
RICHMOND — A longtime member of Richmond's school board and her husband, a longtime local radio and webcast personality, said they did not mean to hurt anyone with a podcast discussion about racism, and they apologized.

Suzanne and Troy Derengowski made their apology Thursday evening in a special episode of their "Every Day Life From the Couch" podcast. They had received social-media backlash about a previous Facebook podcast where they spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement, unjust killings by police officers and systemic racism. The Derengowskis removed that podcast episode, but some clips were shared by others on social media.

In the original podcast in question, the couple discussed why Black Lives Matter is not in Chicago, where there is a high number of violent deaths among Black residents. Troy Derengowski said, "So unless a Black person is killed by a policeman, it doesn't matter."

Suzanne Derengowski then wondered why racism is blamed when a Black person is killed by a police officer, with Troy Derengowski saying, "I guess it's always assumed." They then pointed out that more white people are killed by police than Black people.

Troy Derengowski then disputes claims that racism is systemic, saying that there's no proof that the entire system "is messed up."
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