RICHMOND — The Wayne County Health Department is preparing to ramp up its immunization program for children.

As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 continues impacting daily life, immunizations for other diseases have lagged. That's a serious concern.

“The last thing we want in the middle of an unparalleled pandemic is an outbreak of measles or whooping cough," Christine Stinson, the health department's director, said on Wednesday to the Wayne County Board of Commissioners.

The health department has received vaccines in preparation for providing immunizations beginning next month. The immunizations will be given by appointment at the new health department office at 100 S. Fifth St.

At the same time, the health department will support immunization programs at doctor's offices and at locations such as Walgreen's and CVS, Stinson said. Indiana has seen a 90-percent reduction in the rate of immunizations at health departments and a 30- to 50-percent reduction at doctors' offices.

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