Postcards like this should be arriving this week at voters' homes. Photo provided
Postcards like this should be arriving this week at voters' homes. Photo provided
Active voting Hoosiers will soon be receiving a postcard — sent by non-forwardable, first-class mail — that will assist election officials in keeping voter rolls up to date.

The Secretary of State’s Election Division is conducting voter list maintenance, a process required by Indiana law. Voter list maintenance helps state and county election officials to maintain accurate and up-to-date voter rolls.

The process begins with all Hoosier voters in “active” status receiving a postcard sent to their mailing address. According to Cass County Clerk Beth Liming, the postcard tells voters that if they are the addressee on the postcard that no further action is required.

“We want voters to understand why they are receiving these postcards,” said Beth Liming, Cass County Clerk. “They should start arriving this week.”

In June, Hoosier voters whose first postcard was returned as “undeliverable for unknown or insufficient address” as addressed will receive a postcard in the mail from the Secretary of State Election Division asking them to update their voter registration information. This second “voter response card” will also be sent by forwardable, first- class mail to the voter’s mailing address.

Voters who receive a second postcard asking for updated information should fill out the postage pre-paid response card, sign it and return it to the Secretary of State Election Division.

Additionally, voters who received a second postcard asking for their current address have until July 27, 2019, to return the postcard to confirm their registration address or update their voter information. The election division must receive the postcard by August 2, 2019.

“This mailing helps make sure every voter’s name and address is correct and current, and removes names of voters who no longer wish to vote,” said Craig Handy, Cass County voter registration official.

Voters who do not respond by confirming their current address or updating their information will have their voter registration record at that address moved to “inactive” status.

Having an “inactive” status does not mean a voter cannot vote, it simply means a voter did not update or confirm their registration record address. The voter will still be eligible to vote in November 2019, if otherwise qualified.

A person’s voter registration record is never removed from the statewide voter registration system. Instead, the record is flagged as “active,” “inactive,” or “cancelled.”
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