State Rep. Jeff Ellington, R-Bloomington, wants to consider removing street addresses of donors form Indiana’s campaign finance reports to remove the threat of doxxing.

Ellington said there is no reason for federal and state governments to collect street addresses except to make it easier to harass and target political donors through actions such as doxxing — acquiring and publishing private or identifying information about particular people or groups on the Internet or other media.

Ellington said he is only considering the removal of street address and will continue to support other identifying information such as names, donation amounts, occupations, city or county of residence being included on disclosure forms.

He added he is willing to entertain the idea of replacing street addresses with email addresses as a compromise. Ellington said such changes would only apply to Indiana, since the state has no control over filings U.S. senators, U.S. House members and presidential candidates send to the Federal Election Commission.

“I urge federal officials to also consider removing sensitive personal information from federal filings, including street address and employer information,” Ellington said. “It is clearly being used to intimidate people.”
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