The Indiana House Democrats' flee circus is now in its fourth week. This impasse needs to end.

While the Democrats continue their tantrum in Urbana, Ill., the work they were elected to do is not being done. They vow they will stay away through the end of this session ending soon or a special session the governor might call. What are they proving? Only that they are delaying their inevitable return to reality.

If they continue their walkout, it will mean state government will shut down. Parks will close, police services will be curtailed, state support checks will not make the mail. The list goes on and on.

Unlike a continuing budget resolution passed by Congress, the Democrats' absence means no budget of any type can be adopted. No government funding, no government services or programs.

In spite of an assessed $250-per-day fine, the Democrats are hijacking our democratic form of government. They must return to Indianapolis, take their lumps, and then campaign next year on standing their ground, not running away.

Minority leader Pat Bauer has led his followers astray. His brand of obstructionism must end. Come back to reality. Come back to Indiana.

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