Mass shootings seem to be such a regular occurrence in our nation that the news barely shocks us anymore, and that in itself should be shocking.

Last week, two mass shootings happened in Texas and Ohio within 24 hours of each other, leaving at least 31 people dead.

While it is bad enough that shootings are so familiar to us by now, perhaps what is even worse is how familiar we are with what happens in the days that follow.

The left calls for increased gun control, while the right insists that the real problems are mental illness, hateful ideologies, violent video games and just about anything except guns.

As both sides dig in their heels, the argument continues for a few days and soon dies down with absolutely nothing getting done. The cable news networks turn their cameras toward the next big thing … until the next mass shooting and then the whole cycle starts over again.

We concede that guns are not the only issue, but we cannot completely disregard the role of firearms in these tragic events. Nor can we disregard the underlying factors that would motivate someone to pick up a firearm to commit mass murder.

To put it simply, this epidemic is a complicated problem and is going to require a complicated solution.

We the American people, and responsible gun owners in particular, should be demanding that our lawmakers put aside party differences and come to the table and reach a solution.

President Trump should appoint a bipartisan committee to develop a comprehensive plan to address this issue.

While we may not be in complete agreement over what needs to be done, we should all be in agreement that doing nothing is no longer an option.
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