Rocky Killion is superintendent at West Lafayette Community School Corp.

Last week one of my administrators attended an education job fair to look for outstanding teacher candidates.  Throughout the entire day, only four potential candidates visited with my administrator. 

Most troubling was the sight of many school district administrators from other states.  One of those administrators told my administrator that his school district has found that persuading Indiana teachers to move to his state is very easy.  His state pays more, offers better benefits and has fewer state-mandated restrictions on the work of teachers.  Is it any wonder that Indiana teachers are leaving the profession or this state in droves? 

If you don’t believe me, just speak to the many teachers I have spoken to who have decided to leave the profession due to stagnant wages, more state mandates and the perceived disrespect emanating from Indianapolis. 

If we want to keep our best teachers from leaving Indiana, and if we want to lure the best candidates into the teaching profession, parents and community supporters are going to have step up to support their teachers and public school systems.  Also, if legislators are smart, they should be deeply concerned about the grass-roots support of teachers that is happening across the county.  I have hope that this is going to happen in Indiana.

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