Morgan County will be breaking new ground if a proposed partnership between it and Johnson County over the Waverly Sanitary Sewer project is completed.

Morgan County Redevelopment Commission President Daniel Elliott said the partnership, as the two counties had discussed it, had never been done before.

Elliott said there had been informal discussions that had been done between the officials of the two counties but nothing had been decided.

Now, with the project moving into the next step, bidding and construction, both groups felt it’s time to get to work on a formal agreement.

Past history

For years, the area in Harrison Township around the intersection of Ind. 37 and 144 had been considered a prime area for future development. That future development, and the fact there were some homes with septic systems that were having problems, made the construction of a sanitary sewer system/waste water treatment plant a necessity.

For years, Morgan County officials have worked to construct a waste water plant in Harrison Township. Due to several factors, the county RDC took the lead in the system’s development. That plan was once the plant and sewer system was finished, it would be turned over to the county’s regional sanitary sewer district to operate.

With the construction of I-69, the need for a waste water system was accelerated, as some existing businesses in the area will lose their septic systems due to the interstate.

During the commission’s meeting Friday morning, representatives from Beam, Longest & Neff — the company doing the engineering work on the plant and sewer system — said plans had been submitted to the state, and they had received a reply. They said the state was asking for more information about the project. The reply from the state was not unexpected and was routine they said.

At this time, plans are to ask for bids in June, award the project in July, and begin construction in August. Completion is scheduled for mid 2020.

The project will be financed by a loan from the State Revolving Fund. That agency has asked for an agreement between the RDC and the sewer board on transfer of ownership and other matters relating to repaying the loan.

Elliott said there will have to be meetings between the RDC, the sewer board and Johnson County officials to discuss coming together. He said they may have the state and representatives from the Town of Bargarsville come to the meetings as they could be affected by some decisions.

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