By Jonathan Babalola, Noblesville Daily Times

The Noblesville Plan Commission approved a proposal Monday that could allow a local developer to construct a residential development aimed at one of the fastest growing demographics in the region. The plan now goes to the city council.

Stony Creek Villa Partners, LLC, would be the force behind a 33-acre plan which would place 39 single-family attached structures at a site just east of the Great Escape Theaters near 166th Street and Town and Country Boulevard.

Matthew Skelton, an attorney with Baker & Daniels, presented the development idea to the commission and said that it had been warmly received by a city board because of the land use and the price differential from some of the higher-end homes in the area.

According to Skelton, the average price of these 5,500-square-foot homes would be in the range of $225,000 - $290,000. He said construction would begin early in 2008 with the initial models ready for viewing by July with a three-year window to complete the development.

There is also a planned trail which would adjoin the Stony Creek Trail proposed for the project, but that would need the approval of the Department of Natural Resources.

According to the developers, the project will focus on the "active adult" community better known as "empty-nesters."

"This is a market segment that is growing in this area as far as our aging population," Skelton told the panel.

Plan Commissioner Kathie Stretch said she is seeing more of this type of housing on the west side of Carmel and is glad to see the city is catering to the "active adult."

"This type of housing is really needed in Noblesville," Stretch said. "It's a welcome addition to this community."

Steve Huntley, the city's planning director, advised to the committee that the area across the street from the planned project is for industrial use and he hoped the commission would not penalize any future projects because of the residential development.

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