For Michael Galbraith, getting people to commit to northeast Indiana and move here is key.

He leads the Road to One Million campaign, a Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership effort to improve quality of life and attract workers and businesses to the 11 counties that make up the region.

In simple terms, population growth equals prosperity.

Recent reports from moving companies U-Haul and United Van Lines show trends in migration headed in the right direction for Galbraith and others who want to see more people move to the area. Analyses of customer traffic from both companies show more people moving to Indiana and the northeast portion of the state than moving away.

“It's fantastic news, it's not just good news,” Galbraith said last week.

United Van Lines has been tracking for about 40 years the states people move to and from. That traffic has been away from the Hoosier State for many years since 1980, according to the company.

Its report released this month, however, shows that of moves involving Indiana last year, about 51 percent were to the state. The rest were moves away.

The report from U-Haul shows Indiana in 2018 fell in rank among the company's “growth states” – states that saw more traffic to them than from them. Still, there was more traffic to Indiana than away from it last year.
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