The Wabash City Schools Board of Trustees tabled a vote to approve nearly 20 coaches and athletic volunteers due to concerns about possible criminal histories.

Board member Kipp Cantrell addressed the issue before the vote to approve the 19 coaching staff members during Monday night’s meeting. On the list of candidates, he asked, “Wasn’t someone on here in trouble with the law a few years ago?”

“I don’t know how to answer that, but I can tell you everyone (on the list) can pass a background check,” Superintendent Jason Callahan said.

Wabash court records show at least three of the 19 candidates have faced operating while intoxicated charges, one as recent as June 2018. Callahan was not available for comment on Wabash City School’s policy for criminal background checks. 

Cantrell was the only board member to question the criminal histories of any of the candidates at the meeting. The vote for all 19 coaches and volunteers was tabled until the next board meeting on March 18. 

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