COLUMBUS — Frustrations with Indiana University’s football and men’s basketball programs were aired during an IU Board of Trustees committee meeting Friday. Patrick Shoulders, vice chairman of the board, asked Fred Glass, IU’s vice president and director of athletics, how he plans to turn around the two programs.

“I’m elected by alumni and 95 percent of my constituency judges the success of the department by the success of the football and men’s basketball programs,” Shoulders said.

The discussion came after Glass’ annual athletics department report. It highlighted various accomplishments, including a 95.4 percent graduation success rate for IU’s student athletes, up from 74.4 percent in 2011. Glass also emphasized the department’s focus on student safety.

Shoulders said while those things are important, football and basketball coaches aren’t given multi-million dollar contracts just to follow the rules. They’re supposed to be competitive, he said. IU’s football program has had one winning season in 25 years. The men’s basketball program has made two Final Four appearances in the past 30 years.

Glass acknowledged that despite other successes highlighted in his presentation, football and men’s basketball are the focus for many fans. He then expressed confidence in the future of both programs, starting with football.

“I feel good with where we are in terms of trajectory moving forward,” he said.

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