While it is a given that a new Major Hospital facility is being built at Intelliplex, several issues still remain about what to do with the roads leading to the facility.

Primarily at discussion is what, if anything, will be done from Intelliplex Drive to State Road 9 and then from Intelliplex Drive to Bassett Road around the new hospital.

A recent meeting with city, county and hospital officials offered few definitive answers, but those in attendance did learn that the Indiana Department of Transportation has completed a survey and decided that a new traffic signal is warranted at the intersection of State Road 9 and Intelliplex Drive.

"We are looking at 800 to 1,000 cars a day, Monday-Friday, using those roads. There is no rework needed at Intelliplex Drive, but we have to find the most efficient, safest access off Bassett Road," said Ryan Claxton, Major Hospital's director of business development.

During the meeting, there were various discussions about what could be done to rehab the roads and how much it would cost.

Shelbyville City Engineer Matt House told those in attendance that federal funds would not be available until 2019.

"It comes down to funding. If you go local funds, you're talking right-of-way, utilities, it's probably a year to complete. The east part of the road can be done in three to four months, and you're looking at about a half-million dollars from Bassett Road to Intelliplex," House said.

Jeff Beaty, vice president of C-Tech and a member of the Major Hospital Board, added that a new alignment could cost up to $2 million, including a new bridge.

"If we want it completed by the end of 2016, we need to get rolling now," Beaty said.

Shelbyville Mayor Tom DeBaun said the city has agreed to reconstruct Bassett Road from State Road 9 to Intelliplex Drive.

"We'll do a 'pavement rejuvenation' from 9 to Intelliplex Drive, which is a grinding of the existing pavement down to the base, adding new binder and asphalt to the grindings and pouring it back into place with a wider pavement section and potentially some shoulder on each side. It will be a thicker section so it will withstand heavier traffic volumes as anticipated by the hospital's traffic study," DeBaun said.

The mayor said he views the two projects as two separate projects.

"They are two distinct projects. I believe we can get from Intelliplex Drive to 9 in a quick manner. The hospital needs an easy way to get from the northwestern portion of the county. We maintain Bassett Road," DeBaun said.

Major Health Partners CEO and President Jack Horner said the hospital will be willing to contribute funds; however, the hospital has not budgeted a specific amount for the road project.

"The hospital is willing to look at helping financially on the construction upgrade of Bassett Road from SR 9 to Intelliplex. We have not committed formally to any specific dollar amount and would not be able to until construction bids are obtained. But I do expect the hospital will be willing to help with some of the financing," he said.

Horner added the hospital does have "contingency funds," which would be available for use.

"We have preliminary estimates on the road costs from SR 9 to Intelliplex. Those estimates are dependent upon the road specifications and have not yet been finalized. We have not set a specific breaking point and would not do that before the possible road plans and costs are developed," Horner said.

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