MUNCIE — It's come to this in the city of Muncie: For the sitting city council finance chairperson, Nora Powell, to get financial information, she must file an Access to Public Records Act request with city administration.

No different than any other citizen, evidently, highlighting communication problems within the city.

Powell has been filing requests for information regarding city finances, especially pertaining to a city-based ambulance proposal, with some being approved and others denied.

For several documents, Powell has taken it a step further, filing complaints with Indiana's Public Access Counselor about Muncie withholding information. The city has said that information is being withheld to protect employees' privacy.

In a request denial obtained by the Star Press, the city acknowledged one of Powell's recent record requests as a formal Access to Public Records Act (APRA) request, Indiana's records request law.

Star Press reporters file the exact same request to obtain city documents. A similar act known by many as Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a similar federal version of APRA.

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