ANDERSON – The Madison County Health Department has been awarded 415 doses of naloxone kits from the Indiana State Department of Health.

The kits contain naloxone hydrochloride, a non-narcotic medication that reverses the life-threatening respiratory failure that is usually the cause of overdose deaths.

The local health department is partnering with Community and St. Vincent hospitals in Anderson and other agencies to distribute the kits to anyone who may be at risk for overdose. Individuals with loved ones in danger of overdosing can also obtain the kits. 

Madison County ranks 15th in the state for overdose deaths from drug poisoning involving any opioid, according to the state health department.

The Madison County Health Department requested more kits this year over 2018 to help reduce the number of deaths in the county due to opioid overdose. The local department received 150 kits last year.

Indiana State Department of Health data for 2017 showed that 1,852 Hoosiers died of drug poisoning and nearly 8,200 visited emergency departments due to nonfatal opioid overdoses. 

Individuals requesting a kit don’t need a prescription from a health care provider as long as the kit is obtained from a registered dispenser. The Madison County Health Department is a registered naloxone dispenser.

Naxolone is approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration and has been used for more than four decades by emergency medical services personnel to reverse opioid overdose and revive people who might have died without treatment.

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