INDIANAPOLIS – Lawmakers wrestled with how to tax popular vape products Thursday during a hearing on a bill targeting e-cigarettes.

The Senate Appropriations Committee heard testimony on House Bill 1444 that ran the gamut – some think the proposed tax too small; others think it should be applied using another method; manufacturers and wholesalers want the tax collected at the retail level and the retail level wants the tax collected earlier in the supply chain.

The panel will consider amendments and vote next week.

The legislation calls for a tax of 4 cents per milliliter on e-liquids that contain nicotine and would be paid at the distributor level. It narrowly passed the House, and could bring in more than $3.6 million when fully implemented in 2021.

Bryan Hannon of Tobacco Free Indiana pointed out the most popular product on the market has little liquid and the tax would be small
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