KENTLAND — Following a three-month review, which included several community meetings, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) has approved Natural Prairie Dairy’s permit for an organic dairy in Newton County.

“First, our family wants to thank the impartial environmental experts at IDEM for their diligent, extensive review of our 279-page permit application,” said Will De Jong, the organic dairy manager. “Second, we want to express our appreciation to those in the community who have supported us and those who had concerns. For almost a year, we have been hosting community meetings, listening to our neighbors, and based upon valuable feedback, we improved our plans. With this approved permit, we begin hiring and construction today.”

The dairy voluntarily withdrew their first approved IDEM permit for dairy operations in Newton County and re-applied using new technology that claims will convert cow manure into clean water and organic fertilizer.

The major advancement in agricultural technology is called the Advanced VRD (Vapor Recompression Distillation), which was conceived and created by Sedron Technologies, previously named Janicki Bioenergy.

The technology breakthrough received considerable attention for work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop the Omni Processor, which converts fecal sludge into drinking water and electricity in developing countries.

“From the great tasting organic milk we will produce, to the jobs we will create, to the green, environmental-friendly technology we will deploy, we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure all are proud to call us their neighbor,” commented De Jong. “As always, if anyone has any questions, they can contact me at 219-401-0274 or visit www.OrganicFarm.Land for more information.”

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