The calendar turned without fanfare on Wednesday to a date many people circled in red a few months ago. The official first day of spring, however, came and went with a collective shrug. A cool, damp shrug.

With a recorded high temperature of 46 and a low of 37, 2019's first day of spring will not be memorable in any way. That's a far cry from the record-setting 84 degrees on March 20 in 2012. And we certainly hope you've forgotten about the 1965 low temperature of 12 degrees that same date, if you were even alive back then. 

Weather service forecasters see more of the same in coming weeks as we've seen in recent weeks. That means this spring's weather will be more like, well, spring weather. Cool nights. Mild days. Rain will come and go, as will the wind and the sun.

A sizable cluster of folks will seek warmer weather in Florida and other sunny climates beginning today as spring break is observed. Indiana State University will be closed, and public schools will shut down across the region. Classes resume April 1. No foolin'.

While we hope everyone enjoys the spring transformation in weather patterns, our favorite part of the season is earth's renewal. In coming days and weeks, budding trees will sprout flowers and then leaves. The ground will turn from brown to green. Plants and flowers will make their grand appearance.

As the earth does its thing, we encourage anyone who owns personal or business property to take part in this renewal. Now is the perfect time to tidy up your property, clear it of any litter that settled in over the winter and make the community a more visually pleasing place. Litter is one of the environment's enemies, and one we can control by taking personal responsibility for our surroundings.

Earth Day 2019 is fast approaching. It will be the 49th observance of the event. While it is primarily a day of political action to protect the environment, it is also a day a civic participation. A day when everyone can do their part by taking simple steps to honor Planet Earth.

But you don't have to wait another month to get started. Spring is here, a perfect time to take action on Earth's behalf. We urge you to do so.

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