MUNCIE — Freshman U.S. Rep. Greg Pence, who has declined to speak to The Star Press, on Thursday issued an "action alert," including siren emojis, urging everyone to share his official social media pages.

"We plan to utilize social media to speak directly with our constituents," Pence says in a video posted on Facebook and Twitter. "I need everyone, especially my friends across the Sixth District, to share this page with their friends, family and networks."

" … and if you ever find yourself in Washington, D.C., pay us a visit."

Unless you're with the media, in which case you might not get in. Pence's office did not allow the Statehouse reporter for The Indianapolis Star to have an in-person interview with him when the reporter was in Washington recently. 

Bypassing the media in his district has resulted in accusations that Pence is "arrogant," "out of touch" and unwilling to face public scrutiny.

But as long as the Republican congressman's approach to the media remains politically effective, expect it to continue, says Johnny Sparks, chair of the department of journalism at Ball State University.

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