Jay County’s livestock population continues to grow.

A complex of seven layer buildings, an egg-processing building and a self-contained concrete manure storage building is planned for an area near Ind. 26 and county road 700 East, not far from Bellefountain.

Jay County Commissioners learned Tuesday that J. Star Farms LLC, St. Henry, Ohio, filed a confined animal feeding operation application May 23 with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The new facility will house an estimated 2.7 million hens. When completed, that will bring the total chicken population of the county up to nearly 10 million.

Paperwork submitted by J. Star Farms LLC says the laying complex will be located 1,785 feet north of Ind. 26 and 2,268 feet east of county road 700 East. A long lane will connect the facility to Ind. 26.