HARTFORD CITY -- Blackford County Commissioners voted 3-0 on Tuesday to rezone an 80-acre farm south of Montpelier for industrial use.

After hearing pros and cons on the rezoning from the audience, commissioners voted to approve it without any comment.

The Area Plan Commission had given the rezoning an unfavorable recommendation by a vote of 7-1 (two other members abstained). One commission member who voted against the rezoning had said "it feels a little unplanned to me."

Dozens of people attended Tuesday's meeting of commissioners, including opponents whose concerns have included a feeling that the rezoning is being rushed and is mysterious.

 "We are regrouping this week and deciding what steps we want to take next," remonstrator Betsy Needler told The Star Press.

In an interview, Montpelier Mayor Kathy Bantz said, "I think one of the things people tend to do is always assume the worst. I think if we told them a bakery was going in some would still be upset."

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