A street art campaign, "FaceMePorFavor," was started in Argentina by Matt Litwin and Victoria Eidelsztein. They're bringing their work to Muncie during their tenure with PlySpace in March 2019. (Photo: Provided by PlySpace)
MUNCIE — By the time their stay in Muncie is done, two artists from Argentina hope to leave the city more connected, particularly within the heart of its neighborhoods. 

PlySpace residents Matt Litwin and Victoria Eidelsztein tell stories through their street art campaign, "FaceMePorFavor," which aims to capture the essence of a community through collages of colorful, abstract portraits and inspiring words. They're bringing the project to Muncie with a series of murals through March.

Litwin and Eidelsztein started "FaceMePorFavor" in Buenos Aires, where they live. In a large city like theirs, Eidelsztein said graffiti as a form of vandalism is common, so many citizens asked them to cover it with artwork. Soon, people also began seeking the artists to paint vibrant murals in front of their homes, businesses, bars and restaurants.

Muncie is a much smaller city, but Eidelsztein looks at it as a new challenge.

"With this project we realized we could do it around the world in different cities," Eidelsztein said. "Here was a great opportunity to come here because it's very different from what we know."


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In just the week and a half they've been in Muncie, they've already painted multiple portraits from submissions through applications and even Craigslist call-outs, as well as from the IDEA conference in early March.

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