ANDERSON — Tom Easterly, commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, said his office is aware of the proposed Mounds Lake and thinks it should continue to be looked at.

Easterly said Thursday the proposed reservoir is intriguing to IDEM because of the water aspect.

"This is the only proposal in the area to address water needs going forward," Easterly said. "I've been in favor of a comprehensive water plan for 10 years now."

Easterly said he thinks every proposal that could provide Indiana with water should be discussed. In addition to monitoring air and land pollution, IDEM is also tasked with policing water quality.

Proponents of the reservoir have been in contact with IDEM and have held meetings to see what some of the department's concerns are.

"They've asked all the right questions," Easterly said.

IDEM is particularity concerned with making sure all former waste sites that would wind up under water are noted and properly covered. Tracking runoff and streams feeding into the new lake would also be a top priority for the environmental group.

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