MEDORA — This community’s school corporation may likely survive state funding cutbacks, but it will have to do so without Superintendent John Reed.

“You can save $50,000 right now,” Reed told trustees during their meeting Monday night in the school media center.

Reed was referring to his recommendation that the board accept his resignation effective Wednesday.

The Indianapolis native said if trustees opted to fill his position by hiring a part-time superintendent, it would save the corporation $50,000. If they could find a way to cope without a superintendent, they could save $123,000.

Reed said it was with a lot of regret that he made the recommendation to accept his resignation, but the move is one the board needs to do right now to ensure that the school will continue to survive for years to come.

“I’m asking you to do this in the best interest of Medora and the kids,” said Reed, who was hired as superintendent in May of 2008.

He said the state is not planning to increase the $1.9 million allotted to the school for the general fund in 2012 or 2013.

Reed said trustees and others have taken a lot of steps in recent months to ensure the school’s survival in the wake of state cuts.

The moves include teachers accepting a 5 percent pay cut.

He said they could do more by accepting his resignation because the state funding formula simply does not allow for a full-time superintendent.

Trustee Larry Osborn made the motion to accept Reed’s recommendation.

“Reluctantly,” Osborn said.

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