The Rushville City Council held its final meeting of April this past Tuesday.

Thomas Tetrault attended the meeting asking the council to sign a letter of intent to begin the process of establishing Fish Moon Brewing at the Taff Building in downtown Rushville.

The council voted to sign Tetrault’s letter of intent. There is still a lot of work to do before the microbrewery can open its doors, but Tetrault would like to be up and running by fall.

Rushville Mayor Mike Pavey said parking will be restricted at the Pizza King parking lot and around the courthouse from Monday to Tuesday next week during jury selection for a trial.

He informed the council a Muncie based PBS TV station will travel to Rushville to look at the community in a historical perspective.

Mayor Pavey said and the design for the new animal shelter has been completed and submitted to state officials for review.

The mayor gave a progress update on the Ivy Tech Community College and council chamber portions of the City Center. The target completion date for both sections is May 17.

Executive Director of the Rush County Economic and Community Development Corp. (ECDC) John McCane said an agricultural company visited the Industrial Park on Tuesday. The company is seeking a location to invest $25 million over the next five years.

McCane said the company was looking at other possible sites during the week. He and the company agreed to a follow up call sometime next week.

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