We, the citizens of Bloomington and Monroe County, want our farmers’ market back.

Crowds have diminished because of news that white supremacists may be selling vegetables at the Saturday morning market. Then the appearance of Antifa. And now the appearance of the so-called Three Per-centers. The result: as many people attending to witness the debacle as are there to buy food. Mix in the shocking, screaming, foul-mouthed language, and you get a market offering more expletives than varieties of cherry tomatoes.

No more. We want our farmers’ market back.

A short few weeks ago, we had the blessing of what is arguably the best farmers’ market in the state. The variety of veggies was unmatched as we’re blessed from farmers north and south. You could go early and buy a decent coffee to get you going. Ready-made food fed visitors while they picked up their weeks’ worth of nutritious and locally sourced food. People brought children and pets for a fun family excursion.

We want our family days back.

We want our farmers’ market back.

What all of the rabble rousers want is attention. We at The Herald-Times understand the finger will be pointed at us but of course, that’s our job. We cover the community, good or bad, warts and all.

But editorially, we can exhort the troublemakers to go home. And we can ask our readers and friends to ignore the bad.

If you haven’t been to the market before, please go when it returns in two weeks. Wear virtual blinders and don’t pay attention to the pathetic attention seekers. Have a coffee, a little nosh. Buy a week’s worth of veg.

Pay no attention to the loudmouths. Without attention, they may just dry up and go on to some other hapless endeavor.

As for the protesters and those protesting the protesters, this is the Bloomington Community Farmers' Market. Don’t make this larger than it is. It’s not the burning of the Reichstag. It is not the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Go home, potty mouths. If not, pay attention: Bloomington’s farmers’ market, our market, is a family venue.

Go home Antifa, with your artificial wrapping in black. And certainly uncover your faces because that’s always been a sign of cowardly oppressors.

Go home Three-Per-centers, so-called militia men who like to romp the woods on weekends playing soldier. Strange, isn’t it, the only civil rights you seek to protect are those of white supremacists and racists?

Our country is far too riven with hatred as it is. That hate ought not extend to buying produce, flowers and bison steaks.

Return to the market, Bloomington and Monroe County denizens.

Go home, haters.

We want our farmers’ market back.
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