The city of Anderson has obtained the former Marsh store on Nichol Avenue. Staff photo by John P. Cleary
The city of Anderson has obtained the former Marsh store on Nichol Avenue. Staff photo by John P. Cleary
ANDERSON — Over the past two years, the Anderson Redevelopment Commission has become the owner of various buildings in hopes of attracting new development.

Two of the three buildings are located in the downtown area in close proximity to the Paramount Theatre and the Dickmann Town Center Park.

The third is the former Marsh store on Nichol Avenue that officials hope will attract another grocery store to the area and encourage additional retail development.

The Anderson Redevelopment Commission (ARC) purchased the shuttered Marsh store last year for $230,000 with the intent to have another grocery store and pharmacy locate in the facility.

The ARC is willing to lease the 40,000-square-foot building for $2 per square foot and to provide an incentive for the eventual sale of the property in five years.

Greg Winkler, executive director of the Anderson Economic Development Department, said Thursday that the administration of Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. is still seeking a grocery store to occupy the building.

“It will require some negotiation because the building is in need of renovation,” he said. “The Redevelopment Commission has agreed to make the roof repairs.”

Winkler said the city is willing to work with an interested party to open a grocery store.

“We have one grocer that has voiced an interest in the property,” he said. “We didn’t expect to hear anything until after the first of the year.”

Broderick said originally the owners of the Marsh store wanted to sell it for a warehouse.

“We didn’t want to see the building used as a warehouse,” he said. “We want to do redevelopment on the west side, so it made since for the city to acquire the building and market it for a grocery.”

Broderick said the plan is for the Marsh building, whether or not the eventual use is as a grocery store, to fit in with an overall retail development in the former Edgewood Plaza area.


The building at 1123 Meridian St. was donated to the ARC in 2018 by the former owner.

The city spent $92,000 to repair the roof of the building, located directly west of the Paramount Theatre, and to secure the structure.

Broderick said the city at first considered obtaining the property through the county’s property tax sale but the owner agreed to donate the building.

“There was interest early in the process and we have worked to make it a marketable property,” he said. “We’re looking for an investor to work with the city to make it a viable property.”

Broderick said with several restaurants and the park nearby, the building is located in the most active part of the downtown area.

The ARC has spent $45,000 to clear debris from the interior.

“It still needs some interior work,” Winkler said. “We’re looking for a buyer or interested party to make an investment in partnership with the Redevelopment Commission.”

There are still several interested investors that would like to open a restaurant in the building, he said.


The city obtained the State Theatre last year at a cost of $127,500 through the loss fund.

Winkler said the State Theatre had not been deeded over to the Redevelopment Commission from the city as of Thursday.

“There are several parties interested in the location,” he said. “An interested party walked through the building within the past few months.”

Winkler said the State Theatre could be used as a restaurant and entertainment venue in the future.

Broderick said the city will market the building for any future purpose but the desire is to have it as an entertainment venue.

He said the city has spent money to repair plumbing and winterize the building.

“We’re willing to invest some funds into the building depending on the future use,” Broderick said.


The Redevelopment Commission owns 40 acres located behind the former General Motors Plant 18 and the former Farm property near Scatterfield Road along Interstate 69.

“There is some interest in the Farm property,” Winkler said.

He said there was a potential buyer for the Plant 18 property, but the city’s goal is for an investment that will create jobs.

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