Yorktown — The Delaware County Redevelopment Commission is partnering with Yorktown's Redevelopment Commission to spur on the downtown revitalization project there that has been in the works for years.

Right now, Downtown Yorktown looks a lot different than in years past with a large vacant plot of land and a large cornerstone town hall. That is the start of a long-term plan for growing the town's downtown.

The Yorktown Redevelopment Commission and Town Council have been in discussions with county officials regarding the downtown redevelopment, with county officials saying they recognize the potential for growth and a quality of life boost for residents if that development succeeds.

Yorktown's new town hall a first step toward redevelopment

Council President Rich Lee and Yorktown's Town Manager Pete Olson forged an interlocal agreement that allows Tax Increment Finance dollars (TIF) from the county TIF districts to support Yorktown's project.

The agreement passed all necessary parties this week.
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