The Clinton County Commissioners established the Clinton County Redevelopment Authority during its regular meeting Tuesday morning in the courthouse.

“The Clinton County Commissioners had to establish a redevelopment authority in order to secure the financing portion of the infrastructure project that is specific to the road construction that we are going to have to do at I-65 and Ind. 28,” said Josh Uitts, president of the county commissioners. “A lot of folks are aware that they are already moving dirt out there. Part of this project was always to change where Co. Road 800 intersected Ind. 28. The reason was to put distance between the on-ramps and off-ramps and the county road because currently they sit too close for there to be a traffic light put in place. So, we wanted to satisfy INDOT’s request to move those farther away and, at the same time, facilitate the development that is actually occurring out there.

“We were fortunate in the fact that there is already development occurring. It helped us as a county decide where to put the road, how to construct it and how it would best fit, especially on the southwest corner.”

The commissioners appointed Andrew Bailey, Jordan Brewer and Cathy Hamilton to the Clinton County Redevelopment Authority.

“It is just another tool in the toolbox to help facilitate development out there,” Uitts said. “We were very fortunate to have Andrew Bailey, Jordan Brewer and Cathy Hamilton. They stepped up and, when called upon, were willing to participate and be members of the first Clinton County Redevelopment Authority. They have a good understanding and working knowledge of how county government works. We needed somebody who would be able to come up to speed quickly and help facilitate this process.”

During its first meeting on Tuesday, the CCRA organized its board. It’s next meeting is set for April 6.

“As far as the advertising process for issuing the bonds for the road portion of the project and the water and sewer portion, there will be a lot of meetings on April 6 in order to fit these inside our timeline,” Uitts said. “We have two developments out there – NHK and Project Sting. They both want to be in operation by January of 2021, so we have to start working now. It has accelerated our timeline a little bit. The first thing you have to do is have the roads so they can get in and out of their buildings and then get the water and the sewer started too. It has ramped-up our timeline, so we are trying to condense this as much as possible to get the bonds issued so we have the money to pay the contractors to do the work.”
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