NEW ALBANY — A local manufacturer is preparing to expand its operations in New Albany with the assistance of tax incentives from the city.

The New Albany City Council on Thursday approved a resolution supporting property tax deductions for Cimtech Inc., which will allow the company to add new equipment at its New Albany manufacturing shop, located at 325 Park East Blvd. The council voted 7-0 in favor of the incentives — council members Scott Blair and Dan Coffey were absent from the meeting.

Cimtech, a computer integrated manufacturing technology company, was founded in 1975, and it has been in New Albany since 1992. The company has 32 employees in New Albany, and it will be able to add six new positions with the upcoming expansion, Cimtech President and CEO Jesika Young said. The council awarded the company an abatement of personal property taxes for five years for the new manufacturing equipment.

"Cimtech has been around 44 years, and we want to continue to be a staple in the community and continue to be a wonderful partner not only to our customers but the community at large, and with the help of the city and the support of the city, this will allow us to continue to do that," Young said.

The company purchased two Louisville companies, Axis Machine and Tool and Action Material Handling, in August, allowing Cimtech to enhance its capabilities and increase its footprint by 28,000 square feet, according to Young. The company plans to expand the operation in the New Albany location with the addition of CNC machines, welding equipment, cranes, bending machines and other fabrication/machining equipment.

The average tenure on Cimtech's team is 20 years, Young said, and she also looks forward to providing opportunities for the next generation of manufacturers.

"Our goal and objective truly is to reach back and bring the next generation along with manufacturing, so this will allow us to — it’s new innovation, it’s new machinery, it’s new capabilities," she said.

The incentives from the New Albany City Council is playing a major role in Cimtech's decision to expand its New Albany operations, Young said.

"It certainly is an incentive that helps small businesses such as Cimtech, and that goes into our decision making, because we do have a second location in Louisville, so ultimately, this is aiding in our decision to expand either here or in Kentucky," she said.

Josh Staten, redevelopment director with the City of New Albany, said he looks forward to seeing Cimtech's expansion in the industrial park, located near Indiana University Southeast.
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