Brazil City Council met Wednesday to discuss plans to improve water utility at Industrial Park. File photo
Brazil City Council met Wednesday to discuss plans to improve water utility at Industrial Park. File photo
The City of Brazil is officially on board with plans to improve Industrial Park.

During Wednesday's meeting, the City Councl approved two resolutions showing support for the plans to improve County Road 300 East and the water service to Industrial Park.

City Attorney Traci Orman said the resoutions are "kind of a road map for us, (to express) who is doing what. The county is in a fortunate position to be able to pay for th match."

Jim Coffenberry of West Central Ecoomic Development Inc. said, "The County and the City are very cooperative and that will look good on our application."

The Clay County Redevelopment Commission has committed the use of Tax INcrement money that has been accumulating for purposes such as this. Plus, the County Council President Larry Moss has expressed support for the program and it is expected additional money will be committed by the County Council to meet the financial match required from the state, which will come from the federal CARES Act, for COVID-19 relief.

Plans to improve the road and water utility in the area are expected to cost $1.5 million.

Mayor Brian Wyndham will sit on a review committee that will watch over the project as it is completed.

The City is involved because city owns the water utility. that serves Industrial Park.

In other business:

The City Council approved resolutions stating both IVC and New Hope Services are in substantial compliance with the commitments made when tax abatements was granted them.

Mayor Wyndham asked the City Council to consider a request from Indiana American Water Co. to have a representative make a presentation to the Council about buying the city's water utility

“What I have told them is that I would pass this information along to the council," the mayor said.

If the city council does agree to invite an Indiana American Water representative to attend a future council meeting, the council would then have the opportunity to decide if they would proceed with the possible sale or not.

"This is just a fact-finding mission," the mayor said.

If the City Council agrees to pursue the sale of the water utility, Indiana American Water would pay for an appraisal of the city utility and that appraisal would likely take a year, Wyndham said.

If Indiana American Water would buy the utility they may pay $4,000 per customer. The City has 3,000-plus customers plus service to Carbon and Center Point, so the revenue generated by the sale cannot even be estimated at this point.

"You guys are the ones that make the call," the mayor said. We make repairs every day."
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