Around the globe on Friday, young people are leading a strike on behalf of Planet Earth. They are joining with adults at events planned in cities across America, including Jeffersonville, Louisville and Bloomington, and in 150 countries worldwide.

Like any good movement, these strikers are purposeful in their goals. According to strikewithus. org, the U.S. contingent has clearly stated demands:

• A Green New Deal
• Respect of Indigenous Land and Sovereignty
• Environmental Justice
• Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity
• Implementation of Sustainable Agriculture

Recognition of our climate crisis is step one. While ice caps melt and air fouls, storms intensify and rain forests diminish, there still are naysayers who believe climate change is a hoax.

But the strikers understand the critical need for action. The young people know they will inherit our earthly home — no matter its condition. And they want all of us to be better caretakers while we’re still here. That’s reasonable, considering the alternative.

As the kids say, “There is no Planet B.”

If striking isn’t your thing, look for ways you can make a difference. Waste less water. Use LED light bulbs. Don’t drive the car when the destination is within walking distance; this action is good for your health, too, not just that of the planet.

Not all solutions to climate change are that simple, but we all should do our part.

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