New Mayor of Delphi Anita Werling is being congratulated by former mayor, Shane Evans. Comet photo by Debbie Lowe
New Mayor of Delphi Anita Werling is being congratulated by former mayor, Shane Evans. Comet photo by Debbie Lowe
Delphi City Council members, Sandy Flora, Cody Nelson, Spencer Kingery, Gayle Conner (attending electronically) and Mike Isley met in special session Aug. 15 at 7 p.m. to interview two candidates for the mayoral position which was to be vacated by Shane Evans Aug. 16, just before midnight. Candidates Dale R. Seward and Anita Werling presented opening statements and answered rounds of questions from the Council.

In his remarks, Seward noted he was qualified to be mayor because of his experience on the City Council for four years, his appointment to the Carroll County Area Plan Commission for roughly three years and his stint of service with the Delphi Chamber of Commerce. Seward said he would instigate an early warning system to notify residents of impending issues such as storms and high water and he promised to bring the government of Delphi to the citizens. He said he “will live transparency” and would be a strong leader for the city.

Werling said she has lived in Delphi for more than 15 years and has “quite a bit of management experience.” She said she believes in treating everyone equally. She said she is part of the team which crafted the Stellar Program and was a member of a leadership task force. Werling said she is currently involved with the Delphi Opera House and the Delphi Preservation Society. She said she will develop a communication and marketing plan for Delphi and she will host town hall-type meetings to allow residents to provide input about various subjects.

City Council members chose Werling to replace outgoing Mayor Evans in a 5 to 1 vote. Conner voted for Seward.

“I will do my best to represent the interests of the City and its residents and to keep Delphi on the path of progress led by Shane Evans,” Werling stated in a press release to the Comet Monday.

Werling said in the release, she has served on the Board of Works since January and on the Carroll County Area Plan Commission (APC) since March. She said she oversaw the restoration and rehabilitation of the Delphi Opera House project in the Stellar Program.

Werling told the Comet in an interview Tuesday, she began Monday working with Steve Mullin to sort out and update information on the mayor’s computer. She said in the next six months, she will meet with each department head to learn about their projects, their needs and their concerns. She said she also needs “to get up to speed” with the Carroll County Economic Development Corporation (EDC). In addition, Werling said she will make an appointment to the APC and the Board of Zoning Appeals as well as the EDC and the Parks Advisory Board.

Werling indicated she plans to attend many meetings as mayor, such as the Delphi Municipal Airport Board, the Fire Territory and the Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Council (KIRPC). She stated she plans to hire a community development director and perhaps work with another community to employ a code enforcement person. Werling said she will also start a Main Street Organization.

Werling said she would like to hear from community members about their concerns. She plans to update the city’s website frequently, including posting meeting minutes and agendas, and will hold town-hall type gatherings to discuss specific issues. Mayor Werling said she wants to learn “where we are” and “where we’ve been.”
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