Alamo is on its way to adopting an ordinance that would place restrictions on wind development in and around the small town in southwest Montgomery County.

The ordinance passed its first reading 3-0 at the town council’s monthly meeting Wednesday. Council members Steve LeJeune, Ralph LeJeune and Aaron Selby will hear the second reading at the next meeting in September.

The most recent meeting lasted more than two hours as the council worked through fine tuning details of the ordinance before coming to an agreement.

“We’ve been dealing with this probably for the last five months,” Steve LeJeune said. “The last two months we tabled it because we’ve been doing research. We actually went to a site visit and we came up with what we thought was appropriate for the safety of the public.” 

The ordinance calls for a setback boundary of 5 1/2 feet for every foot of the height of a wind turbine extended from all property lines, public utilities and public places. There will also be a setback boundary of 5,000 feet from any residence that has any documented health effects from blinking lights or low pitch noise.

The ordinance also calls for no wind turbines over 500 feet. 

The proposed restrictions extend four miles from the boundaries of the incorporated town limits, Steve LeJeune said.

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