INDIANAPOLIS — The United Way of Central Indiana is consolidating its operations in the region and closing county offices throughout the region in order to “more effectively serve” central Indiana.

Greg Fennig, the Chief Marketing, Communications and Community Relations Officer for United Way of Central Indiana, explained that by moving operations to the organization’s headquarters at 2955 N. Meridian St. in Indianapolis, United Way of Central Indiana would be able to work more cohesively for the counties it served.

“We’re doing that because we are believing that we can do a better job of serving the people in all of the counties by having a more collaborative environment for our teams that our responsible for each county,” said Fennig. “What had happened in the past is that we’d inadvertently created our own silos within the organization.”

According to Fennig, the consolidation will allow the United Way representatives to attend more community events. He and Diana Roy, Area Director for United Way of Central Indiana South, said that the organization was still going to be very involved in Morgan County.

“Diana is still here,” said Fennig. “She’s still going to be very actively engaged in Morgan County. She’s still going to spend the majority of her time in Morgan County. She’s gonna do it by being more engaged in the community and being at meetings and events and those kinds of things.”

“I’ve always been 100-percent committed to our county and our region,” said Roy. “I’ve always enjoyed meeting the people where they are and being able to go to them. This is going to allow me to be more present, and attend more meetings and things that go on in the county.”

Fennig explained that the consolidation would allow area representatives with the United Way, like Roy, to work closing with other teams at the United Way in order to come up with ways to better serve the area.

“When she is in the office, she’s going to be here spending time with our community impact team and our fundraising team to help figure out how it is we can create better impact for Morgan County and raise more money for Morgan County,” said Fennig. “We need the teams to be able to work closely together in order for that to take place. We are still 100 percent committed to Morgan County.”

Roy said that even though the consolidation will allow her to better serve the community, closing the Mooresville office is bittersweet. She said that she’s enjoyed working in the community and thanked the town for the office space.

“We also want to honor and thank the relationship that we’ve had with the town of Mooresville, particularly the town council that approved us to be in the building several years ago,” said Roy. “It’s been a wonderful working relationship with the town council. It’s been great.”

Fenning reiterated the organizations dedication to the area and said that helping residents was the primary goal and focus of the United Way.

“We are 100-percent committed to Morgan County, and as we go through this process one of the things we are going to focus in on is helping to identify what the gaps are for residents in need and how we either, at United Way, can do a better job of connecting and serving those residents or how we can connect them to other resources outside of United Way because we’re all in this together,” said Fennig. “It’s how we, together as a community, really raise the bar for how we serve people who are in need.”
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