(NAPSI)—Moving yourself to a new home by renting a truck can be easier than you may realize, if you heed these five facts and tips.

• Know when to go. When planning your trip, take into account the time of day you intend to travel and likely traffic patterns. Always leave lots of extra time and be aware of possible bottlenecks along the way.

• Be up on your truck. Make sure you can find and understand all the truck’s switches and gauges. Adjust the seat and side mirrors so they match your height and comfort zone. Also, remember, trucks are taller, wider and may weigh up to 10 times more than the average car, so you have to be extra vigilant.

• Understand the agreement. Most truck rental agreements say something like the language from the U.S. Department of Transportation that prohibits the “carrying or hauling of explosives and other dangerous articles.” That means you can’t pack paint, chemicals and cleaning materials, flammable solvents, propane, gasoline and the like. Check with your rental agent if you’re not sure about a particular item.

• Know the “No-Zone.” Trucks have big blind spots, what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration calls the “No-Zone.” You should know where these areas are, explain the experts on truck rental at Penske, especially when changing lanes or coming to a stop.

• Look into insurance. Most insurance and credit card companies won’t cover truck rentals under existing policies. If your insurance company is among them, consider signing up for additional coverage to protect yourself and your belongings. You may feel more confident knowing there is a company that offers free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

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(NAPS) When you rent a truck to move to a new home, some simple precautions can help make you and your stuff all arrive in good order and good time.NAPS(NAPS) NAPS