More than half of the residents at Woodbridge Health Campus have tested positive or are presumed positive for COVID-19.

Currently, there are 66 in-house residents at the assisted-living facility. Of those, Woodbridge’s parent company, Trilogy Health Services, LLC reported Thursday that 48 people have developed virus-related symptoms. And despite having personal protective equipment, 17 of their 94 employees are COVID-19 positive or presumed positive.

This equates to nearly 73% of individuals at the assisted-living and skilled-care facility being affected by COVID-19.

Overall, the parent company has reported three deaths and 11 recoveries.

Woodbridge has set up a “zone” system to mitigate exposure, said Gary Fernandez, senior vice president–chief marketing officer with Trilogy, meaning residents who have tested positive are quarantined from those who have not presented with symptoms.

“We are working closely with the [Indiana State Department of Health] to mitigate the virus’ spread and lessen its impact on our residents and employees,” he said.

As of Thursday afternoon, no one from Woodbridge has contacted Logansport Memorial Hospital regarding medical help, said Carmen Jones, director of marketing and community relations for the hospital. However, if a Woodbridge resident requires medical treatment, the individual would not be turned away, she said, adding that admission would depend upon meeting certain criteria.

“We evaluate each patient individually, based on [his or her] unique health circumstances,” said Jones. “Specific to COVID-19, criteria for admission includes hypoxia with X-ray findings.”

The situation at Woodbridge has prompted the parent company to suspend admissions to the campus, Fernandez said, adding that except for employees, the only people who are permitted inside the building are family members of residents who are receiving end-of-life care.

Those who are granted access must pass a COVID-19 screening test. Likewise, the health campus is “regularly testing employees and residents,” said Fernandez.

“We know that this situation has been harrowing for our family members, and we would like to thank them for their patience and understanding as we have navigated this fluid situation,” Fernandez said. “Our hearts go out to those families who have lost a loved one, and our entire team grieves for those who are gone.”

Fernandez said residents’ family members are constantly updated on the most recent data concerning COVID-19 cases.

As for the employees, Fernandez did not comment on the protocol involving their quarantine requirements or health conditions. However, he said if additional staff is needed at the site, then Trilogy would depend upon its “Voyager” program, which allows employees at one facility to serve at another.

He also said Trilogy keeps in frequent communication with the Indiana State Department of Health and the Cass County Health Department.

As a whole, Cass County has reported 2,039 COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths.

Calls to the Indiana State Department of Health and the Cass County Health Department were not returned as of press time.
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