A member of the Connersville City Council is denying that he posted a racist message on his Facebook page. People who have seen the post are calling for his resignation.

Mike Bishop on Friday afternoon said his Facebook account had been hacked and that he took down a post that someone else made as soon as he became aware of it. He said he is very upset that someone had done this to him and, " I don't have a racist bone in my body."

Bishop said he took down the post as soon as he found out it was there. However, a screen shot of the post, with Bishop's name included, was posted on a local resident's Facebook page, along with a call for him to resign from City Council and the Board of Public Works and Safety.

The post has two photos. One is a bunch of monkeys jumping on and around a car. The second photo shows several Black people, some standing on a car and some around it. The caption is "Monkey see, monkey do?"

The post appears to have been "shared" from a Facebook page originating in North Carolina. That page is filled with hate-filled posts about liberals and leftists.

Bishop told the Connersville News-Examiner that he  would be consulting an attorney before making a statement. Later Friday, City Attorney David Butsch issued a statement on Bishop's behalf.

Mayor Chad Frank posted his own message Friday evening, calling the post on Bishop's Facebook page "offensive" and saying the city is investigating.

Another newspaper in the area reported online that city officials were going to be meeting about the situation Friday evening. Frank said that was not true.

Bishop is a Republican elected to City Council in 2015 and elected again in 2019. He also serves on the Board of Public Works and Safety.

Fayette County Democratic Party chairman Tim Rose said Friday afternoon that if Bishop posted the message, he should resign immediately.

Rose said that Jeannine Lee Lake of Muncie, the Democratic candidate for Congress, planned to come to the Fayette County Courthouse at about noon Saturday to speak about the issue.

Thomas X. Peck, a Democrat candidate for Fayette County Council, had this to say on Facebook: 

"I very much doubt he was "hacked". The screenshot going around clearly says "Yesterday at 2:08 PM". It was up for at least 24hrs. And, alledgedly, had interactions.

"I would have much more respect for him as a person and citizen if he simply said "I'm sorry." and then left his position as a municipal leader.

"There is no place on this planet for the blatant racism exhibited in that picture, or in the message that was sent by an elected official sharing it.

"We all make mistakes. We must all be accountable to them and their consequences.

"Councilman Bishop, thank you for your service to your community. Please, for the good of it, step away."

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