A new mural is being planned for the north wall of the garden space that will be in the empty lot across from City Hall in the 500 block of Central Avenue. Anyone in the community is welcome to help.

Discover Connersville in collaboration with Fayette County Community Voices and Purdue Extension Nutrition Education Program will be creating the garden space.

Sharon McQueen, volunteer director of Discover Connersville, is spear-heading the project, with the help of Terry Hreno, a member of Discover Connersville and who has painted many murals around Connersville.

“We’re still planning it,” Hreno said. “But we want people within the community to help with it.”

Hreno said the layout of the mural will be a grid. Anyone in the community who wants to contribute to the mural can paint a section of the grid.

“It will be like a big coloring book,” Hreno said. “We want people who don’t think they can paint to come out and pick up a brush. It’s for everyone, for any level of experience.”

The painting will be a landscape of sorts, Hreno said.

McQueen said they hope to be priming the wall by Saturday, May 25.

“We just have to get water turned on in the lot so that we can pressure wash the building to prep it to be painted,” McQueen said.

McQueen said Discover Connersville’s Facebook page will have updates on when the mural will begin, and when people can come out on painting days and contribute their own personal touch to the mural.

The plan is for the empty lot to become The Oasis, featuring a community garden and landscaping as a downtown green space. Funding has been provided by the Fayette Community Foundation.

Hreno led a similar effort by the Whitewater Valley Arts Association in 2012, when an old photo was colorized and made into a grid. Various association members painted the sections and they were put together as a mural. That work is now displayed on the south wall of the association’s building, 402 Central Ave.

“We’re hoping to get a total community involvement of all ages,” Hreno said. “We want to get ages of all audiences involved. Age groups tend to work separately from other age groups, and we want to get all these people together and to have a common ground,” Hreno said.
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