Nameless Catering has purchased Sigler’s Restaurant in Mechanicsburg for its sixth, off-site, catering kitchen for the multi-million dollar business. It will not reopen as a restaurant.

George and Martha Sigler closed the restaurant last fall due to health concerns. It reopened in April, but closed again when the Mechanicsburg bridge on Indiana 39 closed in early July. In reality, the restaurant has been for sale for several years.

Now, Nameless Catering owner Jeremy Brown of Lebanon expects the location to generate more than $1 million in income for the company called Nameless. In 2019, Nameless Catering is expecting $5 million in revenue, he said.

It has been around for six years. What started out as Nameless Pizza Company in the Fountain Square area of Indianapolis quickly became a catering concern as customers would ask for salads, pasta and wraps, Brown said.

Brown isn’t a chef. He’s a businessperson strong in logistics. He’s marketing. He’s tech. He’s taken the emerging trends of the “gig” economy and turned them into a multi-million dollar business. At Sigler’s, he’ll hire somewhere between 15 and 20 people as full-time cooks, prep cooks, part-time cooks, event staff and delivery partners.

“On any given day, we are going to do between 50 and 100 lunches,” Brown said. “On any given day, we’re going to do between 5 and 10 breakfasts and on any given day, we’re going to do between 5 and 10 dinners. On Saturday and Sundays, that’s where a lot of where our wedding business is. So this year, we’ll do about 350 weddings.”

Nameless is capitalizing on the “dark kitchen” trend where the kitchens make the food but there are no dining rooms. The food is delivered. Nameless doesn’t even deliver, the company just makes the food and arranges with a third-party to deliver the catering.

“By doing that, places like Sigler’s that historically have had trouble at some points with business because of population or weather elements or bridges being shut down, we don’t have that same problem,” Brown said. “We don’t have that same problem because nothing that we do relies on population.”

Nameless owns kitchens in Anderson, Indianapolis, Shelbyville, Wabash and Thorntown. Brown said he is excited to add Sigler’s to the portfolio, primarily because it is close to home and will allow them to be more involved in the community that has been their home for 12 years. Nameless contributes catering services for several community organizations including the Boone County Community Foundation and the Boone County Chamber of Commerce.
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