KENTLAND — With more than 100 people in attendance, the new branding for the Town of Kentland was unveiled during a presentation on June 17 at the Kentland Community Center.

The new branding for the town included a new tagline or slogan “Boldly Moving Forward”, and a redesigned logo.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” stated Joseph Gonzalez, Creative Director of Vast Creative, which was hired by the town’s Opportunity Zone Task Force to help with strategic planning. “We are also going to revamp the town’s website to showcase what this town has to offer.”

The June 17 presentation covered several topics including the new branding, economic development ideas, current projects, discussion on the Opportunity Zone, and possible future projects.

“This is an outline of what we want to do over the next several years,” said Mike Davis Opportunity Zone Task Force Director. “Vast Creative and the town board have been wonderful partners. When I was asked to start a task force for the Opportunity Zone I thought we needed to go a step above and develop an actual economic development plan. The last plan I’ve seen coming out of Kentland like that was in 1977.”

Kentland Branding

Before any decision could be made on the new town branding, Vast Creative and the OZ Task Force wanted to get a solid foundation of how the residents see their own town. So based on a survey that was sent out to town residents, the “DNA and Pillars” of the town were established.

Kentland’s DNA

Quality: We take pride in our great quality of life, enjoying friends, family, casual recreation, and outdoor activities. Our top-notch school system, beautiful downtown, and parks are just a few of the amenities that make our residents so happy.

Community: Possessing a strong rural identity, Kentland is a small, welcoming, and affordable town to live and raise a family in. Our community maintains a close-knit atmosphere and takes great pride in caring for each other.

Dedicated: Long-time residents, businesses, and our local government are focused on forging a bright future for Kentland. This ongoing investment is part of who we are.

Kentland’s Town Pillars

Safe: We’re welcoming and highly value our town’s security. Our people take care of each other and offer a helping hand, especially in times of need.

Friendly: Our community is known for its friendliness, and we support our town’s values through a kind and generous spirit.

Driven: Our agricultural town was founded on a legacy of hard work. Embracing this tradition is a driving force in maximizing our potential within Newton County.

Future Projects

In a meeting with Rural Opportunity Zones Initiative (ROZI) the OZ Task Force defined two initial projects that were both suitable to Kentland’s Opportunity Zone and highlighted the community’s interest. The projects included an intergenerational wellness center, which would feature separate buildings for childcare, health services, and senior living, as well as a walking path, green space, and a playground for children. It also clarified new business development opportunities the town could pursue in order to draw in new jobs, residents, and investors.

From this meeting, a Concept Project was developed — the Thrive Intergenerational Wellness Campus.
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