New buildings are going up on the south side of the property as Graber Post undertakes a $6 million expansion. Staff photo by Mike Grant
New buildings are going up on the south side of the property as Graber Post undertakes a $6 million expansion. Staff photo by Mike Grant
ODON — One of Daviess County’s largest homegrown businesses is getting bigger. The southside of Graber Post on CR 900 E. is filling with large new buildings. It is part of the latest expansion for the company.

“Our business is doing great and we are taking advantage of that,” said Human Resources Director at Graber Post Lucas Ford. “We have a need to shift the truss and pole manufacturing down to the south end of the property.”

“It’s fantastic to see all of the growth Graber Post has had and continues to have right here in the heart of Daviess County,” added Bryant Niehoff, executive director for the Daviess County Economic Development Corp. “Business is going great for them and they are in growth mode, and that’s apparent from the work you can see as you drive down the county road.”

The project has an estimated cost of $6 million. It includes 131,000 square feet of building space. The seven buildings include one to house the truss manufacturing operations, one just for saws and making precision cuts, one with seven machines to handle the laminating process for the poles and four to house raw materials outside of the weather.

“We’re excited for this growth and this move and the ability to produce more and house more finished goods for our great customers,” said Ford.

Graber Post currently has a truss operation on the north side of the operation. That part will close when the new facilities open.

“We will repurpose those old buildings for other parts of the business,” said Ford.

The new buildings will be metal structures like those the company constructs all the time. The big difference is the size, but the work is being done by the Graber crews that put up those types of buildings, just on a different scale.

“They have worked on a lot of buildings like this, just nothing this large,” said Ford. “We have a lot of our really skilled employees working on this.”

Like most projects that go up in eastern Daviess County, this one is on a fast track.

“It depends on mother nature, but we want to be completely in there and operating by late spring,” said Ford.

Once that happens the company predicts it will be more efficient and better able to meet the needs of its customers.

“It is going to allow us to increase our capacity,” said Ford. “With the new building, we should be able to expand our capacity by 15 or 20 percent just starting out. It’s going to open some new jobs. It’s going to allow for better loading functions. Our product will flow better and better provide for our customers.”
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