ANDERSON — The Madison County Health Department is reporting a fourth positive COVID-19 test for a resident of the county.

Stephenie Grimes, administrator with the health department, said Wednesday they were notified by the Indiana State Department of Health that a 58-year-old woman has tested positive for the virus.

She said the county is waiting on the results of more than 53 tests, which have been sent to the state lab.

“We know a percentage of these tests will come back positive,” Grimes said. “The state rate is about 12% of those people tested is coming back positive.”

Grimes said the health department expects another six or seven positive tests to be received from the state.

“These 53 tests do not include private providers offices or other clinics that may be testing and submitting,” she said.

Grimes said the health department is following the guidelines issued by the Center for Disease Control to determine who those people that have tested positive have been in contact with.

“They are pretty much keeping to themselves,” Grimes said of the four county residents that have tested positive. “Close contact is with family members or close friends. The numbers aren’t big because they have been self-quarantining.”
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