The product delivery arm of Fair Oaks Farms, Fresh Delivery, is suspending service for a week "to stand with the farm and for the safety of the drivers," founder Troy McCloskey said.

Phone calls "solely to harass," threats left in the service's voicemail inbox and delivery driver claims of cars attempting to run them off the road were some of the reasons to warrant service suspension, McCloskey said.

The accounts of aggressive drivers have been reported to authorities, and dashboard cams will be installed before delivery begins again June 17, McCloskey said.

The service allows customers to sign up and have vehicles deliver Fair Oaks Farms' milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt and bacon to their doors. Delivery drivers travel to several NWI communities, the greater Lafayette area and Indianapolis, according to the service's website.

Fair Oaks Farms came under fire last week after undercover videos from Animal Recovery Mission allegedly showed calves being abused by four employees. The Newton County Sheriff's Office launched a criminal probe as well, and local stores Strack & Van Til, Jewel Osco and Family Express removed Fairlife products from their shelves.

Fair Oaks Farms founder Mike McCloskey said he was unaware of the alleged abuse and that young calves were being sold to the veal industry in statements issued last week.
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