Adam Maltese (Courtesy photo)
Adam Maltese (Courtesy photo)
While some teachers were posting activities, information and assignments online as schools shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam Maltese, associate professor of science education at Indiana University in Bloomington, knew there may still gaps of time during the day or on weekends when parents were looking for things to do with their children.

The school year has come to an end for many people, and they don’t have the same access to parks and events as they once did, he said.

That’s why Maltese and other educators, researchers and colleagues from around the country created a Facebook group called CoBuild19. The group is filled with various educational activities and challenges geared toward children, such as building a structure that will protect an egg from a 7-foot drop, making crafts from dried flowers, or playing a game to see if parents and children can guess the emotions the other person is displaying.

The group grew quickly and now has over 4,500 members.

“At first it was people are at home, they essentially have no materials other than what’s in their home,” Maltese said. “How do we get them some activity ideas that they can use without access to a lot of stuff? So that’s been sort of the underlying idea that we’ve had. Now that things are opening up a little bit, people might have greater access to resources, but still be relatively limited.”
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