Despite what some have predicted, COVID-19 hasn’t gone away with summer or fall or general election. In fact, it’s only gotten worse and now holds Indiana and Madison County in its ever-tightening and potentially deadly grasp. Every day, the number of new cases ticks higher. Every day, new deaths are reported. Every day, more are hospitalized in our already exhausted health care facilities. And, yet, every day comments across social media and in personal discussions express doubt about the existence of the disease or the very real consequences it can impart on a society that does not take it seriously.

A society that could simply do its part by wearing a mask and social distancing.

Science has proven masks are effective in slowing the spread of the disease. Social distancing and self-isolating are proven to lower the risk of infection. Yet some will not do what is required to stop the coronavirus.

If you are among this group, it’s unlikely that anything said here will change your mind. So let us appeal to your heart.

If the spread of this virus continues, there will be more empty seats at Thanksgiving dinner tables. There will be fewer stockings on the mantel at Christmas. There will be brides who walk down the aisle in the years to come without their fathers. There will be seniors who graduate from high school without their mothers.

Maybe your heart is cold enough that these scenarios don’t faze you. So, let us appeal to whatever part of you it is that makes claims about freedoms or the economy or whatever reason you cling to that gives you the gall to not wear a mask and follow distancing guidelines.

If we do not stop this virus with these simple measures, there will be more shutdowns. More businesses will close. More people will lose their jobs. More consumer products will become increasingly hard to find. What does that do for your freedoms or the economy?

This country must divorce itself from its “me first and me only” attitude. It’s sickening and killing your fellow Americans ... people who are your neighbors, your friends and your family.

A mask, a little consideration and a little sacrifice can keep that blood off your hands.
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