A local lawyer says a man she’s known for decades was treated inappropriately when he was released from IU Health Bloomington Hospital on Sunday after being treated there for COVID-19.

Kitty Liell says the 59-year-old Owen County man tested positive for coronavirus more than a week ago and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. He was discharged after seven days, Liell said, because he had been fever-free for three days.

She said the man was agitated and worried when he was released, in part because he believed and said he had been told by medical officials that 14 days is the standard isolation time for people with the virus.

“He kept being told, ‘14 days, 14 days,’” and they make him leave after seven,” Liell said Monday afternoon. “He was unprepared and he was frightened because he thought he could still be contagious.”
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