MUNCIE — Ball State University continues to upgrade its COVID-19 dashboard, with the inclusion starting Sunday of the number of positive coronavirus cases that are either recovered or active.

The new data paint a clearer picture of what's happening rather than just a running total of the number of tests and positive cases that was initially put out.

Of the 958 total positive cases confirmed in the past four weeks, an estimated 800 have recovered and the remaining 158 were active as of 3:28 p.m. on Monday. The 158 active cases include six employees.

The dashboard also was upgraded last week, to add the number of positive cases in the past 24 hours (three students, no employees in the 24 hours preceding Monday afternoon).

BSU not releasing quarantine/isolation numbers

Another new category that started last week was the total number of positive cases among students and employees on a weekly basis. There were 78 cases last week (Sept. 7-13), down from 375 cases the week before.

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