A Goshen Health employee speaks with a patient Tuesday morning at Goshen Physicians Family Medicine and Urgent Care’s drive-through COVID-19 testing site in Goshen. 
Joseph Weiser | The Goshen News
A Goshen Health employee speaks with a patient Tuesday morning at Goshen Physicians Family Medicine and Urgent Care’s drive-through COVID-19 testing site in Goshen. Joseph Weiser | The Goshen News
Goshen Physicians Family Medicine and Urgent Care has seen increased activity for COVID-19 testing, Goshen Health Marketing Specialist Liz Fisher stated Tuesday via email.

Comparing figures reported by Fisher from May 24-30 with numbers from May 31 through June 6, there were over 200 more urgent care visits the first week of June.

The following numbers compare the week of May 24 to the week of May 31. The testing numbers include both those tested at the urgent care as well as those tested at the hospital.

May 24-May 30

• 782 urgent care visits
• 751 negative tests
• 118 positive tests
• 1 test still pending
• 16 hospital admissions

May 31-June 6

• 986 urgent care visits
• 753 negative tests
• 138 positive tests
• 190 tests still pending
• 17 hospital admissions

On Monday, Goshen Health officials released COVID-19 numbers they have seen since March 11.

Cases handled by Goshen Health are:

• Completed 5,411 tests
• Received 4,181 negative test results
• Received 702 positive test results (14.4% of results received)
• Admitted 82 patients and discharged 68
• Confirmed 3 COVIDpositive related mortalities People returning to work, a relaxation of social distancing and not wearing masks in public are some of the reasons for the increases, Goshen Health officials stated in a news release. “It is vital that the community work together to stop the spread of the virus.”

“The most important step we can take is to keep our guard up. We need to do everything we know to reduce our exposure and likelihood of transmitting the virus,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Daniel Nafziger. “Across the system, our healthcare workers who are caring for COVID-19 patients have not contracted the virus — as long as they were wearing the prescribed PPE. This provides reassurance that taking precautions makes all the difference. For the public, this means wearing masks is still one of the most critical actions that will make a difference.”

In addition to wearing a mask, it is crucial that you practice social distancing, wash your hands, disinfect household surfaces, cover your cough and stay home as much as possible, health officials said. And, those who feel ill should stay home, call their doctor and get tested. “These simple steps will help protect you and your loved ones,” the release reads.

County numbers increase

Elkhart County saw an increase of 59 coronavirus cases in Tuesday’s update from the Indiana State Department of Health. It was the largest increase of cases locally. Noble County and St. Joseph County each reported one death.

Noble County Health Officer Terry Gaff, in a news release, said the county has experienced its first death of a person not associated with long-term care facilities, plus it has had another death in one of those facilities where there has been a known outbreak.

There has also been an outbreak of the virus at a day care center in Auburn that has resulted in a positive test for at least one child younger than 6 months old.

Here are Tuesday’s numbers:

• Statewide — 38,033 positive cases, up 430; 2,158 deaths, up 23; 315,390 tested, up 6,015 with 12.1% testing positive.
• Elkhart County — 1,800 positive cases, up 59; 29 deaths, zero new; 13,026 tested.
• LaGrange County — 181 positive cases, up 10; two deaths, zero new; 795 tested.
• Noble County — 305 positive cases, up six; 23 deaths, up one; 2,134 tested.
• Kosciusko County — 242 positive cases, up 10; two deaths, zero positive; 2,572 tested.
• St. Joseph County — 1,437 positive cases, up 19; 43 deaths, up one (the health department is reporting a higher number); 16,395 tested.
• Marshall County — 230 positive cases,up three; two deaths, zero new; 2,378 tested.

Maple City Health Care offering COVID-19 testing

For the past week, Maple City Health Care Center has been offering coronavirus testing at no charge to community members with symptoms or who have a coronavirus-positive household member. Testing is available on a first-comefirst- served basis in the parking lot of North Goshen Mennonite Church, 501 N. Eighth St., Goshen, generally from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The site is staffed with bilingual (English/Spanish) staff. They use the Abbott test system, with results available within 15 minutes.

Center officials expect to open a second testing site with similar testing equipment within a week.

ISDH releases guidance for outdoor visitation

Due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions, it has been almost three months since families of long-term care centers have been able to visit in-person with their loved ones. On June 3, the Indiana State Department of Health released new guidance for outdoor family visitation.

American Senior Communities officials said they understand residents and families are anxious to connect and is working hard to develop policies and protocols based on the new guidance to keep residents and employees safe while reintroducing family visitation.

Only ASC communities that meet specific criteria can allow visitations to occur.

Visitors of approved communities will be screened, asked to sign-in, wear a face mask and adhere to proper social distancing along with other criteria during the visitation. Residents must also wear a mask during the visit and meet additional criteria as well.

ASC families are asked to review the criteria provided by ISDH and will be notified when their loved ones’ community qualifies for these outdoor visitations.

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