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Maine’s ‘Clean’ Medical Marijuana: ‘Organic’ in Disguise
As growers and enterprises see more competition, a new labeling program may help them stay competitive. Just don’t call it “organic.”... More >>

Think a 401(k) Is Not a Sexy Benefit? Competition May Change That
Better technology, increased competition and new plan offerings are prompting some start-ups to take a second look at introducing retirement benefits.... More >>

Your Next Pair of Shoes Could Come From a 3-D Printer
Fashion start-ups are using technology like smartphones and 3-D printing to make custom clothing more affordable, and Silicon Valley is taking notice.... More >>

A Cleaning Start-Up Wielding Mops, Buckets and 700 Data Points
Squiffy Clean in Silicon Valley takes a tech-minded approach to cleaning offices, using analytics to set prices and improve efficiency.... More >>

Have a Story to Tell? Your Personal Memoirist Is Here
Personal historians make a business of helping people chronicle the events of their lives in memoirs.... More >>

A Restaurant’s Sales Pitch: Know Your Lobster
Luke’s Lobster illustrates the benefits of vertical integration, letting the restaurant be part of harvesting, processing and cooking of the key ingredient.... More >>

A Start-Up Turns to Saffron to Help Afghanistan Regrow
Rumi Spice, started by Army veterans, is part of efforts to help develop Afghanistan’s resource economy.... More >>

The Hottest Start-Up Market? Baby Boomers
The staggering size of the so-called longevity economy has been attracting more entrepreneurs, deep-pocketed financiers and events to pitch new ideas.... More >>

A Tantalizing Offering From a Meal Kit Service: The Box
The reusable box that FreshRealm created to reduce packaging waste is a selling point of its delivery service — and a product it sells to competitors.... More >>

Veterans Use Battlefield Experiences to Build Businesses
The number of veterans starting businesses has dropped since World War II, but new programs and technologies are inspiring those formerly in the military to pursue start-ups.... More >>

Cosmetic Surgery That’s Just a Click Away
Now there is an easier and more efficient way to connect doctors with new patients who seek plastic surgery.... More >>

Selling Surfers on a New Way to Ride Waves
Slyde, a handboard start-up, has tackled the added burden of inventing a market for a product and popularizing a sport.... More >>

Entrepreneurship: Tech Incubators on a Mission of Diversity
Several start-ups have dedicated themselves to creating programs, incubators or accelerators to train blacks and Hispanics for tech jobs.... More >>

Pillars of Black Media, Once Vibrant, Now Fighting for Survival
The influence of black-owned media companies on black culture is diminishing. Companies are smaller and lack the financial resources to compete in the media landscape.... More >>

Drones Pique the Interest of Entrepreneurs
Start-ups are offering services from news gathering and real estate photography to monitoring of farm fields. But the rules are still being written.... More >>

Growing Greens in the Spare Room as ‘Vertical Farm’ Start-Ups Flourish
LED lighting and short growing periods have helped the rise of indoor farming, but scaling up is tougher.... More >>

‘Whole Foods Effect’: When Small Food Makers Get the Call to Go Big
Elation can quickly turn to fear as small companies must suddenly learn how to produce at larger volumes while maintaining quality and consistency.... More >>

Groom: A Budding Beauty Baron Gets an Assist From Nas
The entrepreneur Tristan Walker has introduced an electric trimmer designed especially for black men. Now a famous fellow Queens native is on board.... More >>

An Ecosystem Where Start-Ups Help Other Start-Ups
The founders of ContextMedia, a health care media company in Chicago, have helped other start-ups get through those perilous first years.... More >>

A New Wrinkle in the Gig Economy: Workers Get Most of the Money
Stocksy, an online photo stock site, is an example of start-ups that aim to treat their professionals as owners rather than as freelance labor.... More >>

Challenges of Getting a Product Made in the U.S.A.
Pad & Quill, a seller of cases for iPhones and other devices, has spent years finding suppliers to keep its products largely American made.... More >>

Venture Communism: How China Is Building a Start-Up Boom
The Chinese government is lavishing benefits like free rent and cash handouts on homegrown start-ups in an effort to move beyond the factory floor.... More >>

Wealth Matters: Selling a Business Involves More Than Money
Owners should run businesses as if they could be bought at any moment, but not rush the process once a deal is made, experts say.... More >>

Wealth Matters: Protecting Your Business, and Your Bank Account, in Case Clients Don’t Pay
Credit insurance, also known as receivable insurance, can help smaller businesses withstand failed or severely late payments from customers.... More >>

No Venture Capital Needed, or Wanted
Although rare, start-ups have become multimillion-dollar businesses by bootstrapping financing themselves.... More >>

Wealth Matters: Needing Cash, Some Small Business Owners Bypass the Bank
For some entrepreneurs, growing their businesses has a lot to do with their risk tolerance and how they think about cash flow and partnerships.... More >>

Start-Ups Once Showered With Cash Now Have to Work for It
Instead of venture capitalists begging to invest in start-ups, entrepreneurs are begging for cash, and potential investors are making demands.... More >>

Regrouping After the Death of a Top Executive
The loss of a founder or another crucial figure means those leading a small business must make important decisions while still in shock and grief.... More >>

Corner Office: Hamid Hashemi: A Good Entrepreneur Is Never Happy
Hamid Hashemi, C.E.O. of iPic Entertainment, who immigrated from Iran with $700 in his pocket, says dissatisfaction with the status quo drives success.... More >>

Retiring: Older Entrepreneurs Take On the ‘Concrete Ceiling’
Despite the challenges, older people are creating their own ventures, with some getting help from government as well as AARP and other private groups.... More >>

Wealth Matters: Treasury Wants to End Tax Deal for Some Family-Owned Businesses
This provision has been abused by aggressive tax planners and lawyers who used it for family limited partnerships, sometimes as high as 40 percent.... More >>

Small Businesses Worry About Adjusting for Overtime Rules
Many business owners are accustomed to dealing with a scrappy work culture. An hourly time-tracking system may change that.... More >>

Why the I.R.S. Fails to Crack the Small-Business Tax Nut
The government has been trying to figure out how small-business owners can be persuaded to report their earnings more accurately. More audits may not be the answer.... More >>

The Chinese Hackers in the Back Office
A dusty old computer in a mom-and-pop Wisconsin welding shop is giving a digital security firm a window into the operations of Chinese hackers.... More >>

Lifting the Second-Generation Curse
Founders of family-run businesses need to bring on the next generation and let it experiment, as well as know when to let go, experts say.... More >>

Despite Fears, Affordable Care Act Has Not Uprooted Employer Coverage
The percentage of small employers offering health benefits decreased from 68 percent in 2010 to 56 percent in 2015, even as employer-based insurance has held firm.... More >>

Neighborhood Joint: A Bohemian Pedigree (and Free Tapas) in Greenwich Village
Spain, a cash-only Basque-style restaurant, is considered a holdout from a time when its neighborhood was filled with Spanish businesses.... More >>

Neighborhood Joint: Once Upon a Tart, Reborn in SoHo
The French bakery reopened under different ownership in 2014, and though there were several changes, the recipes for the shop’s famous scones, muffins and tarts were not altered.... More >>

Transporting the Dead: A Booming but Lightly Regulated Industry
At a time of greater outsourcing of the service, rules regarding who may collect the dead vary, and in some states it requires little more than a driver’s license and a strong stomach.... More >>

Neighborhood Joint: Indian Textiles Sold for ‘Happy Money’
The main offering at Dress Shoppe II is Indian clothing made of cotton, silk and linen. But as regulars know, the shop contains much more.... More >>

Sunday Routine: How Daymond John, a ‘Shark Tank’ Investor, Spends His Sundays
For Mr. John, Sundays are about escaping Manhattan and relaxing at his cabin in Dutchess County, where he fishes, grills, flips tires and throws knives.... More >>

Neighborhood Joint: Spanish on the Shelves, Latin Culture in the Air at a Bookstore in Queens
Librería Barco de Papel, one of a dwindling number of Spanish-language bookstores in New York, connects Latino immigrants to their roots.... More >>

Shaken and Stirred: Bill Murray, Brooklyn Bartender
As a favor to his son, the restaurant owner Homer Murray, the film star and folk hero serves up shots — and drinks them, too.... More >>

Broadband Law Could Force Rural Residents Off Information Superhighway
A federal court ruling may halt the spread of municipal high-speed internet providers, which often serve households and businesses where commercial cable and telecom firms have been unwilling to go.... More >>

Square Feet: Chattanooga’s Innovation District Beckons to Young Entrepreneurs
Using renovated buildings outfitted with high-speed internet, the Tennessee city’s development strategy is designed to bring young tech start-ups downtown.... More >>

Four Questions: The Woman Who Dresses the Men of Brooklyn
As men’s fashion expands, Jennifer Mankins keeps it practical.... More >>

The Pour: Great Wine Is Not Enough on the North Fork
A small family winery runs afoul of zoning rules, and apparently compromise is not an option.... More >>

Opinion: Dinner, Disrupted
Silicon Valley has brought its wrecking ball to haute cuisine, and the results are not pretty.... More >>

Over (Organic) Dinner, These Fitness Studio Competitors Work It Out
At the monthly meetings of their supper club, three entrepreneurs talk friendship, snail cream and why New Yorkers are in the best shape.... More >>

Do-It-Yourself Fashion Thrives at the McCall Pattern Company
Far from the glitz of the runway, on a cluttered floor of an old Manhattan skyscraper, an iconic brand offers sewing for the Instagram generation.... More >>

Feature: Can New Technology Bring Baseball’s Data Revolution to Fielding?
For years, players have been valued for their hitting. Now a groundbreaking tool makes it possible to measure how much their defense contributes to a team’s success... More >>

Feature: How Donald Trump Set Off a Civil War Within the Right-Wing Media
Since the candidate clinched the nomination, the green room has become a chilly place.... More >>

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